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Brilliant sketch article by Tom Fishburne.

Most organisations can not live without a proper review process and yet, they often become a hurdle in itself. Why so?

If Championing innovation means finding a way through, addressing risks without diluting what makes the idea remarkable (read Accenture’s article: Stage Gates Can Kill Innovation), then how to find a way through? What is the role of the organisation to enable these ways to be found organically, or, it’s up to the individuals?

If you are a corporate innovator reading this, what would you do? What rules would you ask to change? If you are coordinating the innovation efforts in your company, what would you ask people to start doing as of tomorrow?

The difficulty to address these questions is why, simply putting, many organisations will never manage to develop a truly innovative culture and leave the “followers” status (whether they would like to admit or not

Do you agree? Would love to hear your thoughts