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Roberto Abramovich‘s insight:

The Value chain principle is being there for quite sometime as best practice in business management (yet often forgotten). I came accroos to this 6 year old article from our Insead colleagues and find it extremely useful to clarify and to some degree organize the “building of innovation capabilities”.

Could not agree more with:

– Each company is a different case and same solution can completely backfire in another setting.

– “New concepts won’t prosper without proper screening and funding”

– A company’s capacity to innovate is as good as it’s weakest link in the innovation value chain. Doing more of you are already strong won’t make the company more innovative. But only tackling the weakest link will.

We should recognize that innovation is a complex cross company process that has deep implications with all other internal process. For the companies living in a competitive environment, this should become top priority for the leadership team of any company. Its not a “discipline” or “skill” its the main stream activity. So innovating on how to become more innovative may distract seniors managers to improve this “value chain”.

What do you think?

Image credit: Birkenshaw’s Innovation Value Chain, HBR 2007