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localization does not promote globalization nor localization, it is a strategy in itself!

Project Description


Maintaining a leading position in the global market means having a big presence in China and India. A leading supplier in the automotive industry, needed to dramatically increase its presence in these two countries if it wanted to keep its position as a leading supplier for buses, trucks and trains.


The emerging and less regulated countries of China and India were quickly becoming the biggest potential markets for its Industrial division products. However, a market strategy based on regulatory compliance (piggy-backing on regulations) was not going to attract the big customers in these markets.


Implement a new strategy based on customer focus and establish joint ventures with Tier1 manufacturers of chassis and frames to co-develop innovative and differentiated solutions. That in turn led to co-engineering opportunities and the formation of joint development alliances with select public manufacturers. These steps were crucial to achieving the breakthroughs that enabled the company to enter and WIN in these markets.


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