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Converting a new shop concept into increased sales

Project Description


All Bally shops worldwide were about to launch a new concept that would transform the look and feel of the shops as well as the customer experience. The shop managers and senior staff needed to learn and embody the new concept so that they could provide an authentic experience for their customers.


The various managers and senior reps originated from different places in the world and had very different understandings of what a shop should look like, and subsequently what the underlying customer experience should be.


To ensure the greatest global impact, a comprehensive campaign was designed around a face-to-face kick-off event that served as a centralized training for all key staff members. Senior leadership was present at the event to answer questions, while managers were immersed in the new customer experience and discussed what it meant for them in their different cultures. A follow-up training plan and coherent rollout strategy ensured the smooth implementation of the program once the managers returned to their countries of origin.

Project Details

Client Bally
Date Date of Completion
Skills Branding, Web Design

Project Feature

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